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Especially with the rise of mobile internet use, it is getting easier and easier for people to access info without opening up a book. Good post. Advertising is in the yellow pages is such a big waste of money. I see piles and piles of these books in Stacked high in Grocery stores. The big search engines are slowly taking over. The rapid growth in cell phones additionally the expansion of wireless internet will all make the Yellow Book extinct.

Thanks for commenting. By the way, looks like hawthornesearch. You run both sites, right? Until every home and business have a computer, until every local service provider has a web site, Yellow Pages will still be useful to the masses. I predict that in years, there could be a case to eliminate Yellow Pages. Interesting facts Dennis, good strong points and then IMO you wussed out at the end. Sure it will take some time, but the hand writing is on the wall for big broadcast media. While the internet in itself is not totally responsible for the demise of broadcast Radio, TV, newspapers, magazines and Yellow Pages… technology in many forms and broad changes in society are.

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They are all sunset industries and many will disappear before they adapt, if they even can. Yellow Pages Ltd Canada Y. Latest Trade 8. Change Volume 2, Today's Range 8. Pricing Previous Close. Today's High. Today's Low. Shares Out MIL. Market Cap MIL. Latest Developments More. About Yellow Pages Ltd Canada Yellow Pages Limited Yellow Pages is a digital media and marketing solutions company engaged in providing local businesses, national brands and consumers with the tools to interact and transact within digital economy.

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Return on Equity TTM. Google may bring up something more relevant like Yelp, which has a similar premise to YP with the added bonus of reviews. YP online does have a review function, but as expected, they are not nearly as robust as what one can find on Yelp. Google, along with the rest of the world, has recognized how much research consumers do before making a choice in product, and, therefore, how much value a suite of positive reviews holds.

Naturally, whichever result has the most thorough, helpful reviews will win. According to the surveys that point to more popular use of the Yellow Pages, the primary audience is rather niche: elderly people in rural areas. Why elderly, and why rural?

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Those in rural areas are less likely to have reliable internet access, and older folks are more comfortable with and more accustomed to using the Yellow Pages directory to find a local service. If this sounds like your target audience, it may be worth putting out a few print ads. You can then rely on that data to decide if your business has a future with YP ads. There is also the Yellow Pages website, which, as Local Fresh points out, is used much like the original print book. Users turn to it for local listings they have immediate intent to pursue.

The YP online listings do tend to rank well because YP has high authority.

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Again, it is a matter of testing the service and tracking ROI to determine if this is a worthwhile avenue for your business. DMW received 96 calls on the YP-specific phone number over the four tracked months on the service. Of those, the majority were spam, and only one became an actual sale.

Internet is becoming increasingly available all around the world.

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And elderly people are becoming more proficient with technology, and they actually find it liberating. The future lies with digital, no doubt. While there are some exceptional cases which may benefit from Yellow Pages advertising, it is unlikely that those businesses will create better returns in print than they can on web.

https://gadcounogcater.gq Our advice is to make sure your phone number is up-to-date in the Yellow Pages directory and direct the bulk of your efforts toward web advertising and marketing. About The Author: Blue Corona's Editorial Staff is determined to help you increase your leads and sales, optimize your marketing costs, and differentiate your brand by passing on our tribal knowledge.